UpCart Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

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  • STAIR CLIMBING - For indoor or outdoor use. The UpCart Deluxe climbs stairs smoothly with its larger wheels that are 6" in diameter. There are four wheels on the ground at all times and with the large diameter, when taking on stairs, up or down, the UpCart will reduce the resistance significantly. The cart is well suited for groceries, water softener, pet food, apartment living, mulching, it is truly up for anything.
  • FOLDS COMPLETELY FLAT - The UpCart Deluxe has a patented ability to fold completely flat for easy and convenient storage. The UpCart Deluxe will fit easily in the trunk of a car or can be stored away in a closet or even under the bed.
  • 125LB WEIGHT CAPACITY - coupled with being lightweight at 10.6lbs makes this cart is well suited for handling all sorts of jobs. It is built to last with an aluminum construction.
  • COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED - This cart is ready to roll. No fidgeting or instructions to put together. The UpCart Deluxe is ready to roll right out of the box and take on anything you want to move.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE HEIGHT -There is an three-way adjustable handle up to 44" to make it comfortable to your preferred height preference. This way you can adjust the cart handle length for the job you are doing whether it up going up and down stairs with a large item and needing a longer handle or moving recycling bins to the curb with a shorter handle option. It even includes a bungee cord to secure your items.

Details: UpCart has the perfect solution for transporting all your necessities. Our durable, easy-to-store stair climbing hand cart reduces effort, helps you avoid strain and injury and solves a wide range of real-world problems. Now with a 125 lbs/57 kg capacity. Minimizes fatigue and significantly reduces effort going up and down stairs. Prevent unnecessary strain and injury while accomplishing the tasks you need to complete. Easily maneuvers over indoor/outdoor terrains. Use it in your home, on the job, in your yard, and during all seasons. Unique design folds completely flat for convenient and fast storage. With compact folding capabilities, it’s easy to find storage space

Package Dimensions: 25.6 x 21.8 x 5.0 inches

Brand: UpCart

UpCart Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart
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