Swagtron ST046 Pro Stunt Scooter w/Grind Pegs - Amateur Freestyle Entry-Level Trick Scooter

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  • IDEAL FOR ROUGH & TUMBLE - Practice your stunts with a durable aluminum-alloy trick scooter frame that can support an impressive 225 pounds on its 4-inch aluminum 6061 deck.
  • PERFECT YOUR STUNTS - You're learning new tricks. You don't want to worry about the ride. And you won't have to on this BMX scooter, thanks to its 100mm steel-core PU wheels with ABEC-9 bearings and HIC system.
  • TAKES A LICKIN' - KEEPS ON TRICKIN' - The ultra-secure Cerberus triple clamp delivers unrivaled stability, holding the fork and the handlebars together even after the intense pressure during repeated tricks and stunts.
  • READY TO TAKE FLIGHT - At 8.2 pounds, the ST046 complete scooter has no excess weight, so every 360 and tailwhip can go higher, farther - better. And the aluminum-alloy frame makes landing just as effortless as taking off.
  • GRIND THE COMPETITION - Let the ST046 pro scooter take you from beginner to expert. Built-in stunt pegs make it easy to perform and perfect front grinds, toothpick stalls and more.

Details: Full whip the competition with SWAGTRON's highly anticipated ST046 stunt scooters.With a 22" stem, wide deck, and lightweight 8.2 lbs; the ST046 trick scooter is the ideal choice for aspiring stunt scooter pros. It accommodates growing kids of up to 260 lbs and is super light enough for effortless jumps. Practice makes perfect, so the ST046 kids scooter and adult scooter was created to endure all the work necessary to perform solid stunts. Featuring a steel T-bar, aluminum alloy fork, and aluminum deck secured together by an HIC system, the ST046 withstands triple bar spins and long practices. Two pegs can even be attached for improved versatility during stunts, so you can perform to your limits. Kick the whip for the perfect tailwhip, or snap harder for sky-high 360s and 180s. For extra style points, the ST046 BMX scooter promotes precision riding with high-quality ABEC-9 bearings, while 100mm PU wheels with aluminum cores ensure more stable tricks and landings. Hold on to the TPE handles and plant your feet on the grip-covered deck for control from start to finish. You'll be able to hold hang 5s and nose manuals longer and even stick the landing on those tricky barspins. Then, press on the flexible steel brake to come to a quick stop. Tested to perfection for flawless execution, the ST046 pro scooters can take you to the center stage of local contests. An ultra-durable Cerberus triple clamp steadies your T-bar and can be loosened to detach the stem from the fork during transport. Just stow your ST046 skate scooter into a gym bag or car trunk and head out to face your competition. The ST046 custom scooters meet ASTM F2264 safety specifications for non-powered scooters and act as a more durable alternative to traditional kid's scooters. From fakies to flairs, you can perform it all with the reliable, all-metal SWAGTRON ST046 Stunt Scooter.

Package Dimensions: 27.0 x 19.0 x 5.0 inches

Brand: Swagtron

Swagtron ST046 Pro Stunt Scooter w/Grind Pegs - Amateur Freestyle Entry-Level Trick Scooter
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