Steve's Gift Shoppe Cedar Chest and Storage Bench Size 30 x 19 x 13 inches

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  • Bench doubles as storage compartment
  • Store towels in cool down areas adjoining sauna rooms, sweaters, toys or garden tools
  • Hinged top and all surfaces smoothed and sanded with shellac finish on outside surfaces
  • Optionally, order as unfinished and add your own stain and choice of exterior finish
  • Shipped as a complete unit, no assembly required (except to attach the bottom feet).

Warranty: Warranty covered during shipping to customer if damage by carrier during shipment.

Details: Manufactured by Steve's Gift Shoppe. Beautiful Cedar outdoor bench and storage compartment. Size is 30 inches long, 19 inches high, and 13 inches wide. Leg height is 1.5 inches at the corners. Sturdy construction. Top is 1.25 inches thick cedar and hinged on the backside for easy storage access. There is no locking latch, but you can add your own. Sides are constructed with 5/8 inch cedar planks planed and smoothed. No chip board, no plywood. Very sturdy construction. FINISH is linseed oil on the top and sides. There is no treatment or finish on the inside surfaces. Shellac finish (matte finish) keeps surfaces looking nice. OUTDOOR APPLICATION - Not recommended to leave out in the rain for extended wet seasons, but a little rain is not likely to damage this Cedar Chest. If it rains a lot in your area, then put it in a covered area, or put it in storage during the rainy season. Construction method is glue and finishing nails. Weight is approximately 30 pounds. No assembly required except to put on the legs. CEDAR SMELL? Some noses are more sensitive than others and we do not use that ''cedar smell' spray stuff. It's natural cedar, that's all, and if you can smell the cedar, great. If you can't smell it, well, it's still real cedar.

Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 19.0 x 16.0 inches

Brand: Steve's Gift Shoppe

Steve's Gift Shoppe Cedar Chest and Storage Bench Size 30 x 19 x 13 inches
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