RODEO Tricolor Cowhide Rug Large Size 5x7(150cm X210cm)

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  • Cowhides are natural animal skin, they are not identical, you will receive a similar rug to the listed picture
  • Please understand that it is very common to have natural defects in cowhide rugs, marks, branding or scars they are from the cow
  • All our cowhides are recycled from meat industry, we process and tanner them into cowhide rug for decoration purpose.
  • Cowhides are great for upholstery and home project , wall decoration and lay on the floor as area rug.
  • RODEO® cowhides stands for quality

Details: About Cowhide Rugs You Need to Know

Durable: Cowhides are real leather, it is a essential elements for luxury interior decoration. With the durability of leather, they can last much longer than artificial rugs

Byproduct: All our cowhides are recycled from meat industry, with professional tanning and processing, none of the hides are wasted, cowhide rugs give these animals a second life

Sizes And Color Patterns: Natural cowhides are not identical, sizes and color patterns are unique, please expect you will receive a similar cowhide to the listing

Marks: You may see your hide come with fire marks, natural scar marks, or sometimes even with ink marks are totally common, they were used for identify the cows, which makes your cowhide more unique and original

Creases: With time they will smooth away, or put another rug on top of your cowhide will speed the process

Odor: Some hides may come with tanning or leather odor, fresh it outdoor will help to ease the smell

How to Clean: A brush or take to outdoor, simply shake if off will to the job

RODEO® Cowhide Rugs
We do more than just offer cowhide rugs for sale at affordable prices. We offer a vision to people aiming to bring a uniquely stylish and elegant look into their home and office in the form of genuine cowhide rugs. We are dedicated to supplying people all over America and the world with a vast selection of the FINEST leather cowhide rugs from tanneries.

Package Dimensions: 14.9 x 10.4 x 6.8 inches

Brand: RODEO

UPC: 019372046660

RODEO Tricolor Cowhide Rug Large Size 5x7(150cm X210cm)
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