Ohuhu Adjustable Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher, Rolling Snow Plow Shovels Snow Removal Tool

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  • ❄ ADJUSTABLE SHOVELING ANGLE: The large concave blade can be adjusted 45 degrees bi-laterally, which clears away snow 4 times faster than traditional snow shovels, so you can plow through the snow in a snap
  • ❄ ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: The T-shape handle has an adjustable height from 6.9-40.9inches/17.5-104cm, allowing you to stand upright while shoveling without bending or straining, and avoid the pesky backaches that come with clearing the driveway
  • ❄ 2 EXTRA-LARGE WHEELS: The commercial grade wheels are designed to clear the snow on uneven or slippery roads effortlessly by simply pushing the pusher forward
  • ❄ EASY INSTALLATION AND STORAGE: Assemble this snow plower in minutes! Collapsible for easy storage when winter is coming to a close and the sun starts peeking in. Be sure to wipe it dry before storing it till the next snow fall!
  • ❄ HEAVY-DUTY STRUCTURE: Made of full metal with a beautiful orange paint overcoat that slices snow way better than plastic shovels, and with an improved fix adjustor, this snow pusher doesn't break easily and is extremely durable

Details: The love-hate relationship with snow is real. While it makes the streets look like Winter Wonderland, those copious amounts of snow block your walkways and make the simple task of getting to your car so much harder.

This Winter brings us our new best friend, the Ohuhu Snow Pusher. It shovels snow and clears your walkways, steps and driveways with 2 large wheels that make it 4 times faster than a regular shovel. And there's no heavy lifting work with us - the snow pusher replaces all of the physically bending, lifting, turning and throwing motions with a single, simple forward pushing motion.

The rounded grooves along the shovel's surface serve to direct the flow of snow outward and off your clearing path. With its quiet operation, convenient foldable structure for easy storage, and efficient shoveling capabilities, the Ohuhu Show Shovel is the must-have to keep your driveways and walkways in tip-top condition this winter.

Specifications - Material: Iron
- Weight: 11300g/24.9lb
- Dimension: 45 x 74 cm/17.7 x 29.1 in
- Height: adjustable 17.5-104cm / 6.9-40.9 in

Package Contents 1 x Shovel
1 x Fix Adjustor
1 x Wheel Base Assembly
2 x Wheel
1 x T-shaped Handle
1 x Straight Handle
1 x Tool Bag
1 x User Manual

- Please tighten up the pentagonal fastening before you use this snow plow, or it will make the handle snap easily.
- It is not recommended to use this snow pusher on rugged road since it may damage the part of the product.

Package Dimensions: 30.2 x 17.8 x 6.5 inches

Brand: Ohuhu

Ohuhu Adjustable Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher, Rolling Snow Plow Shovels Snow Removal Tool
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