NOVA TRACTOR BX52 Model 5" Wood Chipper Shredder, Cat I 3pt, for Tractor from 18 to 50HP

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  • 5" chipping capacity
  • Cat I 3 point hitch
  • For tractor from 18 to 50 HP


Nova Tractor BX52 wood chipper, ideal for compact tractor from 18 to 50 HP, Cat I 3 point hitch, chip wood diameter up to 5 inch. Nova Tractor BX52 come with a free PTO shaft with safety shear bolt. To get maximum performance, your tractor should have at least 30HP and 540RPM.

Technical Data-----------------BX52
Dimensions (LxWxH)------------------54x58x72inch
total weight------------------------452lbs
3-point hitch-----------------------CAT I
max. PTO shaft RPM------------------540 RPM (1000 temp possible)
PTO security------------------------shear bolt
drive system------------------------direct drive
Tractor engine power recommended----18-50hp / 13-37kw
power needed for max. performance---30-40hp
rotor diameter----------------------23inch
rotor width-------------------------0.63inch/16mm + winglets
rotor weight------------------------143 Lbs
rotor shaft-------------------------replaceable, not welded
number of knifes--------------------4 + 1
length of rotor knife---------------8.2inch
counter knife adjustment range------ 0 - 0.2 inch
hopper opening----------------------21x21 inch
chipper housing opening-------------11x5.5 inch
recommended diameter of shredding material--------- < 5inch
adjustable size of shredded material---------------- 0.7 - 1.5 inch
feeding system----------------------self feeding
discharge height--------------------72inch
painting----------------------------powder coated
transport rack (LxWxH)--------------46x39x49 inch

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NOVA TRACTOR BX52 Model 5" Wood Chipper Shredder, Cat I 3pt, for Tractor from 18 to 50HP
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