Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat, 22-inch by 36-inch, 1" Thick Low

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  • NATURAL DURABLE MATERIAL: 100% coconut fiber doormat; 18 Inch x 30 Inch helps to keep unnecessary mud and dirt away from the floor of the room and house
  • SAFETY: Plain coco doormats improve safety and help prevent unfortunate litigation by reducing slip and fall accidents
  • EASY CLEAN: Easily scrap off dirt, dust, grit, mud, grass or snow. To clean simply vacuum, shaking, sweeping or spray down with a nozzle on a garden hose
  • PROTECT YOUR FLOOR: With well-placed entrance mats, you can also prevent interior floor damage by protecting your floor surfaces whether you have a wood floor, tile, carpet or any other type of flooring it helps save your flooring for years to come
  • PLAIN DOOR MAT: Enhance the appearance of entrance areas with a new doormat that fits your decor and personality. You can be as decorative as you want to be, matching the entrance mat with the decors of your establishment or office or giving your visitors a sneak peek of what they can expect inside


Doormats are important to many people because people do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the house. It is better to prevent dirt and dust from gaining its way into the house.

Plain doormat - An ideal solution in helping to keep your home clean.

It is important to protect your flooring from outdoor elements. Using plain coco mat at entranceways is a cheap and easy solution. A 100% natural coconut fiber doormat, that is great to use year round. The most common material in which doormats are made of are coir - thick, dried coconut fibers made from coconut husks which are interwoven to create the flat doormats.  

The fibers are weaved on the bottom of the mat, so there is no synthetic rubber backing. This allows water to easily drain through the mat Outdoor plain doormats are perfect as outdoor doormats, because it is tough and able to withstand heat, water, snow or mud.

Show Your Pride With Plain Doormat

Natural plain doormats are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used both commercially and residentially. The doormats might be the best options for you to serve your purpose with less efforts but an efficient result. The guests come to your house will feel very comfortable if they are served with a welcome doormat on the first steps.

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Package Dimensions: 22.1 x 13.0 x 4.9 inches

Brand: Kempf

UPC: 743946152272

Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat, 22-inch by 36-inch, 1" Thick Low
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