Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor - Dual Tap Expansion Unit

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  • UPGRADE YOUR TAPS - Wirelessly monitor your kegerator or taps at the bar
  • ALL ON YOUR PHONE - Monitor all of your kegs from your phone or tablet
  • STOP THE GUESSWORK - Don't be surprised by empty kegs. Track volume served, volume remaining, servings remaining and more
  • QUICK AND EASY - Install it yourself quickly and clean-in-place with your beverage lines
  • EXPANDABLE - Add expansion monitors to grow as needed. Works with small kegerators to large bars & restaurants

Details: Bring Intelligence to Your Taps

Kegtron is an smart keg monitoring system that takes the guesswork about serving drinks on tap. Keep precise track of your inventory with an easy-to-use app for your phone or tablet. Works with any size keg, homebrew or commercial.

How It Works

The Kegtron keg monitor hardware installs inline between your keg and tap and keeps a constant watch over what comes out of your keg. Put it in your fridge, kegerator or keezer: the splash-resistant hardware is simple to install and made for messy environments. Use any combination of single and dual keg monitors to match your needs.

From your phone or tablet, all of your keg stats are just a click away. Ready for a single tap kegerator or a wall of 20+ handles, the iOS and Android apps easily accommodate both the home beer lover and the tap room.

Kegtron at Home

Full Visibility - No more guessing, always know what's on tap
Show Off - Impress your friends with your upgraded kegerator
Plan Ahead - Be ready for the next party or brew day
Keep it Clear - Stop shaking your kegs and stirring up sediment
Any Keg - Any keg size, any keg type

Kegtron at the Bar

Inventory - Know exactly how much beer you have on-hand at any time, no more guesswork
Planning - Know when you need to reorder or change kegs before busy events
Tracking - Do your keg stats match your register sales? Know when you're losing beer to spillage or give-aways
Easy to Install - Quick setup you can do yourself, no pro installation needed, no network setup
Easy to Use - Simple app with all the key stats available at a glance. No training needed
Affordable - Much less expensive than complex corporate-level systems. No monthly subscription fees
Not Just for Beer - Works with cider, wine, cold brew coffee and more

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.3 x 2.2 inches

Brand: Kegtron

UPC: 860000569149

Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor - Dual Tap Expansion Unit
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