Hoverwheel - Hoverskates - Self-Balancing Hoverboard-Style Hovershoe Skates

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  • Self-balancing electric hover skate. Set of two. Speed: 7.5 mph. Range: 7 miles. Power: 300 Watts, Dual Motor. Color: Black
  • The Best of Hoverboards and Inline-Skates Combined
  • MORE RIDING OPTIONS - go more places
  • EASY TO LEARN - similar to a hoverboard
  • FUN TO USE - ride through tight spaces


Hoverwheel hover skates are fun to ride. And because they're individual skates are easy-to-maneuver in tight spaces, around people, furniture and through doorways without getting caught-up and bumping into things. Plus they're about half the weight of a hoverboard - so much easier to carry around and transport.

   - Rides like a combination of inline skates and a hoverboard
   - Fun and intuitive riding experience
   - Self-balancing - stable, quick-to-learn and ride
   - Lightweight - easy to carry and transport

Hoverwheels work in a way similar to a hoverboard - using your feet to gently lean in the direction you want the hover skate to move. It's very intuitive and easy. Once you get the hang of them you can easily spin, twirl and create your own moves and tricks.

   - LED lights for visibility and battery charge/power status
   - Regenerative braking - self charges the battery when braking
   - Narrow profile - avoid obstacles and squeeze through tight spaces

Hoverwheels offer a high fun factor and are on sale now.

Years after introducing the original hoverboard to the world, Inventist is reinventing rideables again with it's newest invention the Hoverwheel. The Hoverwheel is an electrically motorized, self-balancing wheel that fits directly under your foot.
That's it! Everything you need for self-balancing - sensors, processor, battery, motor and wheel - is contained in one compact and neat module. It's a concept so simple, but yet impactful in its ability to move you from Point A to Point B in a fun and inventive way.

Brand: Hoverwheel

UPC: 850161007031

Hoverwheel - Hoverskates - Self-Balancing Hoverboard-Style Hovershoe Skates
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