Geelyda Oil Change Pump 12v 60w Fluid Diesel Fuel Extractor Suction Transfer Pump for 5L Boat Car Motorbike Transfer Pump Change Kit

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  • Attention: Please use when the engine is warm, the engine oil is warm and viscosity is lower, this will be easier and faster to pump
  • Maximum Pressure: Max.0.8MPA, Maximum Flow: 4L/min, Rated Power: 60W, Rated Voltage: DC 12V, Pump Diameter: Approx. 4.5cm(1-3/4"), Cable Length: Approx. 70cm(27-1/2" ), Clips Length: Approx. 8cm(3-1/8")
  • Feature: The car power, using a splendid 12V mini self-priming pump, diy replacement car engine oil, save cost, easy operation, as long as the electric start the oil pump, insert the plug into the cigarette lighter can avoid using clip the trouble of power supply is connected. Oil pump with connector, install and use is very convenient, also facilitate placement.
  • Easy to Install & Widely Application: This oil pump Kit is easily to install, Widely used in many areas such as: auto marine boat diesel car motorbike, agricultural irrigation, drinks transfer, garden cleaning, summer cooling, industrial applications, DIY and so on
  • Package Contents:1x Oil Pump 1x Nylon pipe 1 x Output PVC pipe 1x Brass pipe 1 x Clip wire with switch

Details: Specification:

Rated Voltage:DC 12V
Rated Power:60W
Maximum Pressure:Max.0.8MPA
Maximum Flow:4L/min
Pump Diameter:4.8cm/1.89''
Pump Length:14.5cm/5.7''
Outlet pipe size(Dia.*L):1.1 x 140cm/0.43 x 55''
Inlet pipe size(Dia.*L):0.6 x 100cm/ 0.24'' x 39.37''
Cable Length: 30cm/11.8''
Clips Length:8cm/3.15''


Widely used in general industrial equipment,medical equipment, chemical equipment,shipbuilding, drinks,carpet and floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment,vehicle cleaning,agricultural spraying,zo pipeline pressure, air cleaning cooling,coal and metallurgical industries

How to Use:

1.Start to run the car engine for a while, when oil temperature turns to be about 50 degrees, start pumping oil.
2.Connect the pump to the power, run it for a while, and observe whether the inlet and outlet is normal.
3.Open the filler cap,get dipstick out,force the tube into the bottom of the joint,until the tube does not move;then put the inlet pipe from the oil dipstick into in end (the tube into the bottom of the tank,the bottom concave place,in order to pump the oil completely);as no oil or pumping up very slowly or intermittently,it is generally caused by loose pipes and fittings.You have to install the pipes and fittings again.)
4.After oil pumping,remove the tube,and then run the pump for a while,pump the remaining oil inside the pumping clean,or pump water for a while until the pump head gets clean.
Note: If you have not used it for a long time,it may have no suction,then just pour the water in the pump,and run the pump for a few minutes until the air is all out.

Package Included:

1 X Oil Pump
1 X 11mm outlet Pipe
1 X 6mm Inlet Pipe
1 X Hosepipe

Brand: Geelyda

Geelyda Oil Change Pump 12v 60w Fluid Diesel Fuel Extractor Suction Transfer Pump for 5L Boat Car Motorbike Transfer Pump Change Kit
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