BIG NOSE- Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Multi Level Cat Shelves with Solid Wood Steps and Sunny Seat Hammock

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  • Easy to install and fully extendable. Multivel can be adapted to any wall in different angel: Besides the window, behind the door or even in the coner, as long as going with the right screws. The total height for one set is 43''. If piping up two sets together, it will reach to a "floor to ceiling" size and with 6 levels.
  • High Quality and Sturdy. The diameter of the post is 3.5'' and each of them are connected by 2.75'' stainless steel screws. Totally three barkets will be applied to mount all posts nicely on wall. Two 0.7'' thickness solidwood rest board which can hold up to 15 LBS . For all the size of components , pls head to description.
  • Right propotion for M size cat (below 15LBS ). The modle cat in picture gallery is 15 lbs, adult male.
  • Every component is replacable and available from Bignose. Revising, renewing and restructuring is easy.
  • Natural and Safe for home. Jute rolling, natural solid pinewood steps and soft carpet hammock are all safe and tested to human and animal.

Details: Why recommand this to you?

If you are looking for kind of cat tree which is special , functional and durable, Bignose's Multivels might be the choice. It is simply designed but can always go with different home styles. It's slim which is suitable for many different kinds of walls and coners. It never could be a problem if you want to creat a comfortable resting place for your cat besides the window or even next to your couch. The flexiable design allows you to extend the set and get more levels by adding more posts and other functional extensions. Multivels might not be the best looking but ablusotly the most suitable one.
Specifications and Quantity of component:
Wall-mount connectors: 3pcs, adjustable distance > 1'', come with 2 head screws

Connecting screws: 3pcs, 3''

Wall-mount screws: 6pcs for wood wall

Jute scraching post: 4pcs, Dia 3.5'' * L 10''

Solid wood boards: 2pcs, L13.75'' * W9.75'' * D0.75''

Soft Blanket Hammock: 1pc, D 13.75''

Package Dimensions: 15.8 x 11.9 x 6.4 inches

Languages: English


UPC: 713543966619

BIG NOSE- Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Multi Level Cat Shelves with Solid Wood Steps and Sunny Seat Hammock
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