Airshot 1.15L Tubeless Inflator One Color, One Size

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  • COMPATIBLE with all tire sizes: 26", 27.5", 27.5 plus", 29", "29 plus", road, cyclocross and fat bikes, the Airshot holds enough air to seat your tires on the rims every time you need to change your tubeless tire or replace the tubeless tire sealant.
  • SIMPLE and EFFICIENT, the Airshot is designed to work with your existing bicycle floor pump and eliminate waste and misuse of the CO2 cartridges. Say goodbye to frustration and empty CO2 cartridges.
  • SAFE and SECURE, with a tested pressure up to 160psi (11atm) and Presta valve compatible, you will forget about the compressor or CO2 inflator when you work on your tubeless wheels.
  • With PORTABILITY and small size, the Airshot can be easily stored in your home or carry in your trunk when riding far from home giving you peace of mind when is time to seat your tire on the rim.
  • The POP of the tire as it seats on the rim is the greatest sound in the world for any rider or racer that wants to fit a tubeless tire, and Airshot will deliver that to you.

Legal Disclaimer: Includes the AIRSHOT 1.15L CANISTER NEOPRENE SLEEVE for FREE! a $14 value!

Details: It never feels good to run to your local shop just to say "Heyyy guys, sorry, can you mount this tire for me really quickly? I'd usually just do it myself, but...". The good news is that you can spare yourself the embarrassment and the shop guys the hassle by adding the Airshot 1.15l Tubeless Inflator to your home shop collection.

The Airshot Tubeless Inflator it's a compressed air cylinder that you pressurize using a standard bicycle Presta floor pump, so you don't have to use a compressor or waste CO2 cartridges installing a tire that just doesn't want to seat properly. Once pressurized, a release tap lets you control the air flow into the tire for a quick burst that should seat even the most rebellious tires. The simple and efficient design gives you the possibility to use your existing pump and not investing in an expensive, bulky tubeless pump.

The cylinder is about as tall as your average house cat, so it's portable and you can carry it in your car if needed and it's easy to stash away under your tool bench or closets until your next tubeless tire or tubeless tire sealant change.

Package Dimensions: 15.3 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches

Brand: Air Shot

UPC: 799439697188

Airshot 1.15L Tubeless Inflator One Color, One Size
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