Rule Industries 18220-1127 Wakeboard/Ballast Puppuy 12
Features: Flow Rate: 9 gallons per minute / 80 lbs. per minute Fills a typical 40 gallon ballast tank or bag in under 5 minutes Reversible to both fill and empty ballast tank Self-priming and non-air locking Run-Dry Protection shuts...
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Radiant RCB64 (TLE64) Dual FC12T9(32w) Circline Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
Features: Operates 2 FC12T9 (32w) Circline Bulbs - 64 watts total Replaces E264120MR04C9 1 Lead 200mm (7 7/8") + 1 Lead 400mm (15 3/4") Details: Ceiling Flush Mount FC12T9 (32W) + FC12T9 (32W) Circline lamps, G10q Base * Outdoor Type...
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TCP 12537 - 12536Q 36W CIRCLINE ADAPTER T9 Fluorescent Ballast
Features: For use with TCP 32032 T6 32-watt Lamp or TCP 32030 T9 30-watt lampDetails: 12536Q 36 watt Circline TCP Adapter (EC2T-36 HPF)Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.5 x 0.8 inchesBrand: TcpUPC: 762148125372
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GE Lighting 74472 GE240RS-MV-N 120/277-Volt Multi-Volt ProLine Electronic Fluorescent T12 Programmed Rapid Start Ballast 2 or 1 F40 or F34T12 Lamps
Features: Programmed Rapid Start T12 Ballast will accept up to 2 or 1 F40 or F34T12 lamps Accommodates multi-voltages from 120 to 277-volts, extra versatile for your unique projects High performance rapid start electronic ballast is for all general fluorescent...
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VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast - Enhanced Internal Fan Cooled Operation 25% Less Heat Generated for 15% Longer Service Life
Features: UL Listed 1000W Dimmable Ballast: Dimmable level: 600w; 750w; 1000w; super lumens (110%) Operates on 120/240V, 50/60Hz power supply. 8ft 120V power cord included. Strike both MH and HPS bulbs Overheating Protection; End-of-Bulb-Life Protection; Short Circuit Protection; Ignition Failure...
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Radiant RCB54 FC8T9(22w) & FC12T9(32w) circline fluorescent lamp ballast
Features: Center hole mounting lamp sockets attached Details: FC8T9(22w) & FC12T9(32w) circline fluorescent lamp ballastPackage Dimensions: 5.8 x 5.6 x 1.1 inches
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Robertson 3P20159 PSB296T12HOMV Fluorescent eBallast for 2 F96T12/HO Linear Lamps, Program Start, 120-277Vac, 50-60Hz, Normal Ballast Factor, HPF, (Successor to RSD296T12HOMVIP)
Features: Successor to Robertson Model RSD296T12HOMVIP Save by ordering the Quik-Pak of 6 individually packaged ROBERTSON units 2P20159 Equivalent to Philips-Advance REL-2S110-SC, ICN-2S110-SC, RC-2S85-TP-PC, RC2S85TP, RS110TP, YS2S85TP Equivalent to Philips-Advance VC2S85TP, VS110TP, RS2S110TP, R2S110TP, VS2S110TP, V2S110TP Equivalent to Osram QT2X96/120HO...
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Energy Pro TLE54 (VEB82223) Circline Ballast
Features: Energy Star Rated, Sound Rated A UL, cUL Rated 4.00" x 2.95" x 1.38" Details: For FC8T9 (22W) + FC12T9 (32W) Circline lamps, G10q Base. Input: 120v w/ socket connectors.Brand: ORDTBYUPC: 019962089909
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Lithonia Lighting PS1400QD MVOLT SD Quick Disconnect Emergency Ballast With Battery Control Module, 1400 Lumens Reduced-Profile, 120-227 Volts, Black
Features: Includes Battery Control Module PSBCEB2 Sealed, maintenance-free, high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery Specification-grade emergency ballast operates one or two 4' fluorescent t8 lamps providing 1400 lumens of light output Durable thermoplastic/metal housing resists impact and corrosion Automatic battery recharge after 90-minute...
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ROBERTSON 3P20158 ISL296T12MV Fluorescent Electronic Ballast for 2 F96T12 Linear Lamps, Instant Start, 120-277Vac, 50-60Hz, Normal Ballast Factor, HPF
Features: Successor to Robertson 000753 ISD296T12MVIP; Now available in a 10 ea. Quik-Pak ROBERTSON 2P20158 Electronic Equivalent to General Electric GE-260-IS-MV-N; Keystone KTEB-275-UV-TP-PIC-SL; Valmont E296PI120G11 Electronic Equivalent to Philips ICN-2P60-SC, REL-2P60-S; Espen VE275MVHIP; Osram QTP2X96T12UNVIS, QT2X96/120IS, QT2X96/277IS Magnetic Equivalent to...
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Advance ICN-2S40-N Centium Fluorescent Ballast - for 2x40W T12
Features: Electronic Fluorescent 120/277 V Ballast Factor: 0.85 (2) Lamps Rapid Start Details: The Advance ICN-2S40-N-35I electronic fluorescent ballast operates (2) F40T12 or F34T12 lamps at 120/277 input volts and has a maximum input power of 72 watts. Ideal for...
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Philips Advance ICN4P32N 120-277V 4 Lamp T8 Electronic Ballast
Features: 10 Pack Lamp Striation Reduction Technology Allows for additional energy savins by being compatible with all energy saving T8 lamps IntelliVolt? Technology - 120-277V Operates 3 or 4 32WT8 Lamps Details: (10 Pack) Philips Advance ICN4P32N 120-277V 4 Lamp...
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